This Old House

Blondie's Coffee House Building c1940

This old house is part of the historical age of Camino, CA. Built in the early 1900’s, it was used for the track auto and section cars of the Michigan-California Lumber Co. Railroad. Upon exiting the Camino lumbermill, railcars that needed to be serviced entered a turnstile and were parked and serviced at this location.

Remnants of the turnstile pad still remain beneath where our dining area sits today, and portions of the narrow-gauge tracks were salvaged and used to line the perimeter of Blondie’s parking lot.

About Our Coffee


At Blondie’s, we bring family and coffee together from start to finish. Our coffee and espresso beans come from our family at Lighthouse Coffee Co. in Sparks NV. These beans are roasted in small batches, in-house at Lighthouse Coffee’s very own roastery, by our very own uncle and his family. Expert care is taken during the roasting process to delicately extract the flavors and aromas of each type and each origin of coffee bean. Much like wine, coffee can have many different inherent flavors and aromas based on where it’s grown, how it’s processed, how it’s roasted and even how it’s brewed.

Through our relationship with Lighthouse Coffee Co., the coffee that we serve brings a flavor that large chains cannot match. From the basic beauty of an espresso shot or black coffee, to the sweet treats combining deliciously spun milk, syrups or sauces. Its about tasting the goodness of the coffee and enjoying the flavors of the world it comes from.

Our Story

blondies coffee house camino placerville new ownership

Like many great ideas, Blondie’s Coffee House started at the kitchen table. We had a dream of opening a small-town, local coffee shop with some personality... Not a Starbucks. Not a drive-thru coffee shack… A real coffee shop, that would serve as a gathering place for locals and visitors alike. So in 2019, we purchased a coffee shop in the small town of Camino, tore it apart and rebuilt from the ground up (literally), and were simply amazed at what blossomed in front of us.

Today, Blondie's Coffee House is one of the most popular coffee shops in the area, earning it's title of "the" coffee shop in Camino.

Our Family

Owned by a local husband/wife duo, Blondie's Coffee House is all about family. Our family offers a broad range of personality and expertise that makes Blondie's unique and welcoming, from our parents & siblings working behind the counter, to our 4 children often found tidying up or striking up conversation with our guests... Right down to the coffee beans, expertly roasted by our uncle, owner of LightHouse Coffee out of Sparks, NV.


Shea & Zac Martel